About us

Straight & Narrow Artist Management.  Dedicated to developing long-lasting careers for our artists by embracing authentic creative output, engaging audiences, and building partnerships rooted in trust with a history of results.  We help nurture relationships and stay true to our clients’ vision and values… To us, this is success. 

Straight & Narrow Artist Management is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Brandon Reid

Brandon will write his bio when he finds a free hour to write his bio. At the moment he is busy solving problems. Brandon has 20 years of music industry experience and has the reputation for not messing around.

S&N: Talent Management, Touring Operations


Shaun Gibson

Regular click-bait victim Shaun Gibson keeps our office well-informed on all things digital media. He helps our artists to develop their online presence and fan communities. He’s currently watching a video of a dog eating an apple.

S&N: Digital Media, Marketing, Merchandising, Fan Communities, Graphic Design & Artwork

Grant Manship

Nerves of steel, check. Heart of gold, check. Killer work ethic, check. Grant is the guy you call to get things done. After nearly 7 years serving as General Counsel at the esteemed Secretly Group, Grant comes to Straight & Narrow in top fighting shape.

S&N: Publishing, Legal


Julia Willinger

Julia Willinger is the queen of the side hustle. She’s been working in music since she was 18 so she’s tired. But she manages to continue to work in it, while teaching, studying, practicing and attempting to be zen AF. Yoda is her guru, hip hop keeps her sane, and she’s #existentialeveryday.

S&N: Marketing


Wayne Petti

Wayne has spent the last 15 years as the frontman and principal songwriter for the Canadian Alt-Country band Cuff the Duke. During that time, he was also a touring member of such acclaimed acts as Blue Rodeo and Hayden Desser.

Wayne has a firm belief in touring and playing live as a means of, not only making a living, but also developing as an artist. His years of experience on the road and behind the scenes of the Canadian music industry have proven to be an asset when helping others develop and grow.

S&N: Talent Management, Funding, Strategic Partnerships

Alison D'Arrigo

Alison gets our clients from point A to point B without having to think of anything in between. Anticipates needs; minimizes hassles; remains calm; maintains humor. Was once so focused on everyone else's smooth travel that she didn't notice herself standing in an airport with her pants on backwards.

S&N: Travel Logistics


Dina Young

Dina Young has been working in the music industry for the better part of a decade.  She began her career as a grant writer before taking on the role of director of operations at Paper Bag Records. Following her time there, she founded her management company; Miller & Smith Management. The company manages a roster of five artists.  Because she couldn’t leave the label life for good, Dina is currently the general manager of Royal Mountain Records and label manager of Aurora Music Group.

S&N: AMG Label Manager


Alec Sherman

Alec studied chemistry at Western University, but it turned out he had more than chemistry with the music business program at Humber. After getting a strong sense of the music industry as a musician & frontman for a band of one, Alec is ready to spread his wings at Aurora Music Group.

S&N: AMG Label Coordinator